Saturday, August 28, 2010

Seafood Village (Bi Feng Tang)

Seafood Village in Monterey Park is one of my all-time favorite Chinese restaurants in L.A. It's also one of the very few Teochew restaurants in SoCal, and the food reminds me of Chinese food in Singapore.  

Their house specialty crab is deep fried and piled on with garlic fried in butter. 

There's a light crust that coats the shell. Very tasty!

The beef with satay sauce was my husband's favorite dish of the night. 

I've been dying to try the oyster omelette and I was disappointed. It's a perfectly fine omelette but it's nothing like the Oh Chien you find in Singapore. It's just egg and oyster; nothing special. 
The omelette had plenty of oysters.

Green beans is the only vegetable my husband eats, so this is always a staple. 

My dad, a very discerning eater, really enjoyed the Yang Chow fried rice. The rice is nice and fluffy. 


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