Thursday, July 7, 2011

Aladin Sweets & Market

My husband and I were watching "Ramsay's Best Restaurant: Indian" and had a serious craving for curries. There are many Northern Indian restaurants in L.A. but not too many Southern Indian spots, which is my preference. We found a Bangladesh spot (close enough!) near our house, so we decided to check it out. 

Aladin Sweets & Market is a South Asian market + restaurant. 
Curries average around $3 to $5 per dish! The total damage, with two drinks, is less than $20.

Shammi kabab (fried ground beef ball) and two Aloo Chop (mashed potato ball with diced carrots and peas, deep fried. They were fine but I probably wouldn't order them again. 

The addictive Ruhu (fish) curry with garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cilantro, and celery. It's sweet and spicy and savory. My favorite of the day. But be very careful when you eat this dish--lots of tiny, tiny fish bones. 

Biriyani with basmati fried rice and mutton. The rice is not as perfumy as the one at Jasmine Market, and I like this version so much more! Add a little chutney and you get a completely different flavor profile. 

Mutton curry; my husband's favorite. It's got quite a kick. 

The service was warm and prompt. And you can browse the market while you wait for your food. 


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