Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We also have another reason to celebrate -- We are expecting our first child in Nov. which we are very excited about.

For this special night we went Crush in Seattle. It was featured in Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels and I've read lots of great reviews on City Search. Crush is owned by a couple, Jason & Nicole Wilson who converted a house into a cozy resturant. I love the ambience of the place and the staff were friendly. The food was fantastic!

For starters, we order Crispy Sauteed Sweetbreads & Pinot Sauce. yum!
For entrees, I ordered Seared Sea Scallops & Fuyu Persimmon with Sweet Onion Risotto. I forgot to tell the server to make sure the scallops to be well done since I can't have rare seafood right now -- but our server was thoughtful enough to come back to our table and ask. I LOVE this dish. I was worried that the scallops would be too rubbery if well done but it was perfectly done and the risotto was wonderfully creamy, tangy and sweet.
My husband had the Slow Braised Short Ribs & Yukon Potato Puree. It was savory and tender. The sauce was amazing!
Desserts - Parfait


simcooks said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Life will never be the same again- in a good way that is :)

Hakka House said...

Thanks! You're due soon right? You know what's been hard is trying to figure out what chinese ingredients/food I can and cannot have. My grandma says no pineapple...not sure why.

tigerfish said...

Congrats! Happy for you :D

simcooks said...

I think pineapple is acidic, so not good to eat too much, but I think baked pineapple (as in pineapple tarts is ok).
My mom told me not to eat too much prawns, sambal belachan and hei bi - her reason is that this will cause baby to have bad skin (but of course this is not scientifically proven).
I also had a hard time initially and worried a lot about what I could or could not eat. I still ate the above, just in moderation.
As for herbs, the funny thing is the Eu Yan Sang Chinese doctor say I can eat in moderation all herbs except a specific one called 田七, but some pple say even 当归 cannot eat. *sigh*
I am keeping my fingers crossed that the baby will be born healthy. That's what all mothers wish for.