Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hokkien Mee

Guess what I finally found yesterday? Do Do Fishballs! Instead of going to yet another Ranch 99 (I've already been to 3 different ones), my aunt suggested Hong Kong market in Montery Park. Good call! There was an entire frozen section dedicated to Do Do Fishballs. I bought two packs, and couldn't not wait to try it out. So, I decided to whip up hokkien mee from scratch, with the recipe from Sim Cooks. The last time I made hokkien mee, it was with the Prima Mix, which basically contains some shrimp stock. This time, I just made the shrimp stock myself with saved up shrimp head (per Rasa Malaysia's advice).

All in all, it wasn't bad. Perhaps the next time, I'll use more stock and less noodles.



simcooks said...

Congratulations!!! Your search for DoDo fishballs is finally over!!

shingo said...

In secondary school, I ate fishball noodles almost every single day. I LOVE fishballs ... and now, I'll probably go through those two packets in one week!


tigerfish said...

Looks good! You have all the ingredients that hokkien mee is supposed to have ;p

stef said...

can't live without dodo fishballs in my freezer. perfect with instant korean spicy noodles :) and even laksa in a pinch. glad you found a good source.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Yeah, Hong Kong is the best market to get Southeast Asian food stuff. Ranch 99 is pretty bad in that department. ;)