Friday, April 11, 2008

comme Ça

I'm spoiled. I work at a great place where food plays an important role. And twice a year, my department gets to enjoy a nice meal out. This time, we picked comme Ça by Melrose and La Cienaga.

Comme Ça, from chef/owner David Myers, is a nice French bistro-type restaurant. The decor is modern with clean lines, and the service is great.


The bread came wrapped in brown paper. It is fresh and fluffy, and smells amazing.


I wonder who tipped off the chef that we were there? They gave this platter of oysters and shrimp to our table for free. Like I said ... spoiled.


Since it's no secret that I love my meat, we ordered a beef tartar for starters. I have a vivid childhood memory of my dad ordering a beef tartar with a raw quail egg cracked on top. I was fascinated! Raw beef!! I've never actually had beef tartar before, though it's something I've always wanted to try. This dish was light and refreshing. It had bits of pickles in it and gave it a nice touch.


I ordered the steak frites. The meat was cooked perfectly, and although it's rare, it was surprisingly tender. I think I convinced the rest of the table that "rare" is the way to go.


My supervisor ordered the chicken. She's a meat gal like me, but sometimes she tends to go with her head rather than her heart, and end up ordering the "healthier" option. I warned her about plate envy. But this chicken dish was quite pleasant. The spinach underneath was creamy and homey. Not bad at all.


Tuna niçoise. The dressing was light and the tuna was very fresh.


Duck confit salad. The duck confit reminds me of Chinese waxed duck.

Verdict: comme Ça was a good choice for high-quality ingredients cooked simply.

8479 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069


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