Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tiramisu Step-By-Step

Desserts is the final class in the cooking course. Imagine, skipping dinner and eating way too much sweets at 10 p.m.! Definitely too much of a good thing =)

I offered to make my favorite: Tiramisu





tiramisu final


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bananami said...

Mmm!! Dessert! At work, my coworkers introduced me to Dessert Lunch Day. When one of us feels like we need some sweets to brighten our frustrating days, we plan to have a Dessert Day. Each of us brings in a dessert and eat that instead of our lunch. But we all have a habit of bringing our lunch, so we still end up eating our lunch and the dessert. But I learned quickly to eat the desserts first, then my lunch. I'm going to make chocolate fondue right now. Hubby brought home a broken block of dark chocolate that was so yummy that I had to buy another piece to make fondue out of it.