Friday, April 11, 2008

Exam Part 2

In the past few months, I've really enjoyed spending time with my classmates. The best part is chatting, cooking, and snacking around the kitchen. I'm really going to miss them. During the exams, we're not allowed to speak to each other. That really did damper the mood a bit.

For this test, I practiced making the souffle at home. It turned out fine, but cheese souffle really isn't something I would make that often. I think it's bland.


Here's the home version


Here's the exam version. Notice the color difference? The teacher said it's because I beat the egg whites a tad too much.


Braised chicken with tomatoes, tarragon, and chicken stock. I probably should have seasoned the chicken a bit more before I pan-fried them. Again, not something I would recreate. The taste is very one-dimentional. I like food with more kick!

apple tart

Apple crumble. I "cheated" a bit and put chuncks of butter on top of the crumble before I put it in the oven. Turns out, the smooth top was a tell-tale sign that I added the butter. My teacher totally called me out! It's funny how we all had the same ingredients but all 10 apple crumble look so different from each other.



bananami said...

All this cooking class and exam stuff makes me want to watch Sabrina again.

Hakka House said...

The more important question is: Audrey or Julia?

bananami said...

No question; Audrey. :)