Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Graduation Day

Tonight is the final exam and the day we (hopefully) receive our cooking certificate. This was a scary one for most of us. Could we actually pull off creating dishes without the help of recipes? Will our hollandaise sauce break? Will we burn our steak? Well, here are the answers:


Did my sauce break? Hell ya, it did. I dumped the first batch of "scrambled" eggs and started all over again. Hollandaise is a very delicate sauce. One wrong move and it's over. Making hollandaise is my personal hell. It was hot, stressful, and tedious.


Even though it turned out fine, this is probably the last time I'll ever make this again.


I was one of the last ones to pick a steak, and I ended up with an enormous piece. I was worried how long it would take to cook this monster.


Steak with red wine reduction and roasted vegetables.


I swear I cooked this for a good 30 minutes, and it still turned out rare!


I don't know what this dessert is called.


All done! Time to pop the champagne.


Class of April 08!



bananami said...

Cool! Congratulations! A cooking final exam sounds much more difficult than any college exam! Oh, and that dessert looks like a rustic apple galette. Mmm!

Hakka House said...

Galette! That's right! I think that's it =) Thanks (bows).

tigerfish said...

Where's the joy of cooking without a fun class like yours? :)

Anonymous said...

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Haydee said...

Congrats!!! all the food looks delicious!