Saturday, March 24, 2007

My mom's Salmon dish

My mom tries to expose us to different types of cuisine and when she cooks, she likes to add her own twist. Like pan-fried Salmon for example -- instead of just serving a plain pan-fried salmon, she serves it with an egg mixture made of hard boiled eggs and Japanese mayo. It surprisingly goes really well with the rich flavor of salmon.

I made this Salmon dish recently as my husband really enjoys Salmon and liked my mom's version. I served the dish with stir-fried purple cabbage. Have you ever had purple cabbage other in salad? It's actually quite good when you cook it with garlic, salt and a dash of white wine vinegar.
Personally I had a hard time platting this dish as I thought the colors of the fish and the cabbage did not really compliment each other. While they tasted great, to me it just didn't look very appetizing.

~ Mina

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tigerfish said...

The taste is always more important because it's gotta be eaten finally.
I've never tried purple cabbage, though.