Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 0

In anticipation of the long, possibly hungry flight, I purchased breakfast prior to departure. And of course, a couple frivolous magazines.

It took me a good 10 minutes before I even attempted to eat this brown crap. It took me 2 seconds to realize it's not worth it. The bag of Cheetos I bought will have to do.

Ahhh ... relief at last. A nice, light mushroom udon at the Narita airport, where I met up with Mina.

~ Ray


tigerfish said...

Oh, what is that brown crap...looks horrible....:O
Welcome back to the U.S. of A!

Hakka House said...

I didn't dare to try it. Maybe it's the black trays that makes them look so unappetizing.

yich said...

Er... you didn't take SQ flight, did you?

Rachel said...

Nope, good ol' United.