Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fresh Fruits

Every morning while in Singapore, my mom served us fresh fruits and soy drink. I forgot about the variety of fruits we can get in Southeast Asia. Boy I miss that! And there are fruit stands practically at every food court.

So my mom introduced this new fruit that I've never had before -- Dragonfruit. I always wondered what it taste like. Well, it tastes like kiwi and pear? In any case, I loved it.

Another thing I forgot about is Barley Drink and how much I use to love it. I want to make some but not quite sure how. Does anyone know the recipe?

~ Mina


tigerfish said...

Yes, I miss the variety of fruits in Sg too, esp. papayas.
For Barley drink, just boil the barley with rock sugar. I think it will work.

stef said...

I would boil the barley in water for an hour, simmer then add rock sugar. It's pretty good. I think a good proportion can be found on Alton Brown's recipe here:,,FOOD_9936_33679,00.html?rsrc=search

they make barley water in the south :) too.

Hakka House said...

Thanks guys! I made some today. I think I put too much barley but it still turned out pretty good. I'll have to check out Alton Brown's recipe.

~ Mina