Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We the People

This trip, I had a blast meeting all the food service people. These uncles and aunties are extremely friendly and they make lips-smacking food.

Drinks Lady

Durian Man

Hokkien Mee Lady

Durian Man in the Mall

Ice Cream Man

Sugar Cane Juice Man



yich said...

So nice of these people to let you take pictures of them. I'll be pretty shy about asking!

Rachel said...

I'm surprised how nice and friendly they turned out to be! Just ask and be a bit "san-ba" about it. They loved it.


Rasa Malaysia said...

Looks like you two had some I am waiting for my turn to go home to Malaysia.

tigerfish said...

That drinks lady (1st pix) and durian man in the mall look very familiar.:D