Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 2 in Singapore - Dinner at Jumbo Seafood

We had dinner with our grandma, mom and Aunt at their favorite seafood resturant, Jumbo Seafood in East Coast Seafood Center. We only had to repeat the location to the cab driver 5 times before he is convinced we want to go to East Coast. It was quite funny...must be my mom's Japanese accent. My aunt got us an excellent table with a great view of the water. According to my mom Jumbo is the best and reasonably priced compared to the others in East Coast. I haven't tried the other restaurants but I'll take her word for it. The food were fantastic and I finally got to eat Chili Crab. mmm...

Fried Squid

Fried You Tiou with Squid Paste

Chili Crab

Cereal Prawns without the shells


tigerfish said...

Wow, fried squid, fried you tiao, chilli crab...yummy!
What's the other dish? Cereal something (prawns?)?

Jumbo used to be our fav when it was located in where McDonalds East Coast. Ever since it moved, we seem to lose it :O

Hakka House said...

Yup, the other dish is Cereal Prawns without the shell. It was the first time I've had Cereal Prawns! Yum! I also had it again at No Signboard a few days later but this time with the shells on. I liked that better.

tigerfish said...

Oh yes, with the shells seem to be more fragrant, right ? No Signboard has good yummy seafood too (depending which branch you go to)