Thursday, February 15, 2007

27 tubs of ice cream + 45 tubs of gelato = tummyache

When I first started my job, I expected the basic benefits: salary, 401k, health insurance, vacation days. I knew there were other perks, but I didn't realize to what extent. Over the past 7 months, I've grown accustomed to the foie gras, caviar, fresh roasted produce, gorgeous proteins, and succulent seafood. After a month, I stopped calling my husband the minute I get off work to gush about what I had that day. Well, today was the icing on the cake. In 15 minutes, I've consumed more ice cream in one sitting than I had in my entire life: 27 different types of ice cream to be exact. Everything from pomegranate to salty caramel to thai chili. Some were awesome (lemon yogurt), some were god awful (egg and marsala wine custard; I wanted to wipe my tongue). The high-fructose tasting left everyone slightly hyper and giggly. I hear there's more tomorrow.

*update: The next day, we tried 45 different kinds of gelato. Here's proof:



Diane said...

rachel, I must steal your photos. I love that you supported me throughout the process. Oh, your blog has made me very hungry.

shiny said...

YOU SUCK! lol! I want to try the salty caramel. I love Salty and Sweet. H

taffystay said...

YYUUMMMM...i think that could be my full-time job.