Friday, February 23, 2007

Asian Deserts

One thing I realize when we were in Singapore was how much I miss the deserts. Maybe it's because I'm lactose intorelant and don't really have a sweet tooth, I was never big on Chocolate or ice cream or any of the heavy deserts common in the U.S. I much prefer the deserts found in Southeast Asia as they are milder in taste and most of them are served with shaved ice -- probably because it's so warm there. Here are a few deserts I enjoyed while being back in Singapore.

Ice Kachang with Peanuts
Black Rice with Durian Ice Cream - Quite tasty!
Cheng Tng
Mochi Rice balls stuffed with peanuts and black sesame in Peanut Soup


Melting Wok said...

hey mina and ray, wanna wish you both a very wonderful, prosperous, "sweet" CNY :) my goddd.d...I'm so tempted with these bowls, too bad there's not many good restaurants around for this sorta sweet sensations :( Cheers !:)

tigerfish said...

such desserts are good in summer-all- time-round Singapore :p

Hakka House said...

Thanks Meltiing Wok! Hope you have you a wonderful CNY as well.

I totally agree -- I wish we have more deserts like this available here in the US. It's probably too cold in the Northwest to have shaved iced desserts. :P

~ Mina