Friday, February 23, 2007

Mos Burgers

The first time I've ever had Mos Burger was in Singapore. Apprently it's a fast food chain from Japan. My mom insisted I tried the Teriyaki beef rice burger. I have to admit, the first time I saw it, I was a little skeptical. But it was love at first bite. I love the convenience of being able to basically eat Teriyaki Beef rice without a bowl or chopsticks.

~ Mina


Melting Wok said...

don't get it, the burger made of rice ? haven't had it before though, looks good, not too huge haha..I don't feel too glutton if I eat this :)

Hakka House said...

Yup -- basically instead of bread as the bun, it's rice. They are tiny -- great for snacks. They have other regular burgers but I think the rice one is unique.

shiny said...

Wow, that is really interesting! I like the idea! H