Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

I know this blog is mostly about food but I wanted to vent a little about this movie my husband and I saw yesterday. From the previews on TV, we thought we were going to see a light hearted, fantasy/adventure, Disney kid movie.

It started out a little slow but I keep hoping it was going to get better. I kept waiting for the movie to make sense...it never did. We walked out of the movie totally depressed and disappointed. Mind you, we were not depressed because the movie was not what we thought (although that is part of the reason) but the movie itself was really depressing. It totally killed our mood for rest of the evening for us. I couldn't believe this was a movie for kids. I feel completely misled. We wish we went and saw Epic Movie instead.

If you plan to bring your kids, nephew, nieces or even just yourself to see this movie, be warned...it's not like the previews you see on TV.

~ Mina

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shiny said...

I heard the same exact thing from other people. They totally falsely advertised! H