Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pa Pa Walk

This restaurant came highly recommended by a co-worker. It's Taiwanese small dishes. There were so many choices, it was really hard to pick.

The pork chop rice was quite tasty but we prefer the one at Tea Station, across the street.

Taiwanese sausage.

Don't be fooled! The fish ball soup looks good, but it was bland and the fish balls were tough. Not springy like Singaporean fish ball.

I guess I'm not that big of a fan of smoked duck. It tastes a little waxy.

We tried ordering two mango ice, but the waiter warned us that it was big. He's right! Look at this gigantic dessert! Mango ice topped with strawberry ice cream. Yum!

All in all, it was a pretty good experience, but there are better Taiwanese places out there.

227 W. Valley Blvd,
Suite 148-B
San Gabriel, CA 91776 (626) 281-3889


tigerfish said...

I would have been fooled by the fishball soup picture. It looks tasty.

Rachel said...

I was so excited at first! I'm still on the search for do-do fish ball. It's the closest thing to Singaporean fish ball out here.


tigerfish said...

You don't have Ranch99 in your area?

Hakka House said...

I looked for it at two different Ranch 99, but still can't find it. I spent a good 30 minutes staring at the fishball section.


shiny said...

OMG. That mango dessert thingy looks awesome!! Haydee

tigerfish said...

They are chucked in one corner in my area's R99...frozen section, with those frozen corn, peas, ice-cream.
But diff. R99 diff maybe they are located elsewhere in your R99.

cooknengr said...

There's a Foo Chow specialty store at the corner of Del Mar and Valley. Awesome Foochow Eel fish ball will meat filling, you can feel the crunch. I think they also have regular fishballs with pretty good Fish to corn startch ratio.