Tuesday, December 26, 2006

19 more days to go...

Like Ray, I've been looking forward to our trip home -- Singapore. In fact, the last time I was in Singapore was on my honeymoon, almost 5 years ago. Time sure flies by. Every time I go back to Singapore I feel like such a stranger in the country I grew up in. Granted, I left right after Secondary and don't go back as often as Ray. Everything seems so familiar but different at the same time. Singapore is such a fast growing country. I remember back when we only had 2 MRT lines going North, South, East and West. Now apparently we have several! Luckily it's hard to get lost in Singapore. I'm also looking forward to catching up with my friends -- it's amazing that we've been able to keep in touch after so long.
Gotta LOVE the internet!

A friend is joining us on this trip. It's her first trip to Asia so it will be interesting to see her perspective. I know my husband loved Singapore and finally understood my food obsession after his visit.

While Ray and my goal is to hit up as many food places as possible, I do want to get some sightseeing done since it is my friend's first trip. I know Night Safari is a must but love any other suggestions you might have. My husband LOVED Haw Par Villa (all I can say is he's an artist so he has weird taste) but not sure if I want to take my friend there. For one thing the last time I went, I couldn't wait to leave...mostly because it was so damn hot!

- Mina


yich said...

I like the Bird Park too and I think the Singapore Museum is pretty cool. Skip Sentosa if you can. The standard of the musical fountain has deteriorated over the years.

How about making this a makan (eating) trip instead. That'll be fun!

Hakka House said...

Oh for sure! It will mostly be a makan trip. Just thought I'd show my friend around abit too.

Thanks for the suggestions!

yich said...

Oh. I wanted to ask you if you have tried Prima Taste premixes before. It's less expensive to get them from NTUC than the US Asian supermarkets. These premixes have satisfied my cravings for Hainanese Chicken Rice, Mee Siam and Mee Rebus. I have blogged about them You can search for 'Prima Taste' in my simcooks.com blog. :)

Hakka House said...

I haven't tried the Prima Taste premixes but I've read your blog about it. Definitely will pick up some while we're there. We can't get them here in Seattle. Have you tried the ones for Laksa or Chili Crab?

yich said...

I haven't tried the Laksa or Chili Crab yet. I have the Chili Crab mix in my pantry. The box instructions said to use Sri Lanka Crab. I am not sure if I can use Dungeness Crab instead. As for Laksa, a friend did tell me it was nice.