Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sardine Sandwich

In the U.S., there's peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In Singapore, we have sardine sandwich. I haven't thought of sardine sandwiches in years, until I read it on Sim Cooks ( I went to two different grocery stores just to find the right sardines. Add a little olive oil, chopped onions and lime juice (per Sim Cooks' instructions), and you have a warm, comforting sandwich. (Unfortunately, my husband is not a fan.)



yich said...

Hehe... tastes good ya. This was also something that I hadn't eaten for a long time.

I made sardine puffs using the same sardine mix and puff pastry sheets (Pepperidge Farm). Not quite the same kind of crust as the Indian sardine puffs from the kopi tiam, but good enough to satisfy cravings, you know what I mean? :)

simcooks said...

Oops, I am supposed to post my comment as simcooks. Not sure why blogger defaulted my name to yich. Sorry... this is not spam :p