Thursday, December 21, 2006

Singapore Trip Countdown

Who should I blame? The helpful editorial assistant who sent me the link or author/chef/TV boyfriend Anthony Bourdain? I pick Mr. Bourdain and his delightful NY Time article about the food in Singapore. As soon as I finished reading the article online, I sent an e-mail to Mina that basically said, "Let's ditch our husband and go home--for food!" Imagine my surprise when she agreed. Thus, led to a long, agonizing three-month wait between the time we bought our plane tickets and the departure date. Now, we have 22 days left (reminds me of secondary school days when the teacher counted down to the O levels on the chalkboard) and we've started planning. I even created an excel spreadsheet of all the spots we have to hit. So, dear kind readers (if we have any), we're open to suggestions! We're skipping the curries (easier to get in North America) and concentrating only on Singaporean hawker food: kueh chap, chicken rice, mee pok, Ipoh hor fun, laksa, etc. We have very little time (6 full days) and lots of eating to do.



simcooks said...

I'm making my list
and checking it twice
Gotta choose between
noodles or rice
I'm also go-ing back to Sing-a-pore :)

How's this: Chai Tow Kuay, Ngoh Hiang, Nasi Lemak, Satay Bee Hoon, Chwee Kueh, Fish Porridge (Most of which I will get from Telok Ayer Food Centre, Maxwell Road Hawker Center and Tiong Bahru Market), Roti Prata, Ya Kun Toast, Black Pepper Crab.

OMG, I cannot wait!

Hakka House said...

When are you going back? I've been "exercising" my stomach by reading and If I can, I will eat Wee Nam Kee chicken rice every day!

simcooks said...

Chinese New Year period. Hehe. I got more time. 3 weeks. But I got a longer countdown time than you. Will wait for you to post your hawker feast in your blog :)