Saturday, December 16, 2006

X'mas Party

We were at Paul's company X'mas party on Thursday. It was held at the Seattle Aqurium which was really different. The cocktail was in the fish viewing area. It reminded me of being at the Seafood Chinese Restaurant where you get to pick the fish you want for dinner -- except of course we are not allowed to eat the fish at the Aqurium. hee...hee...

The dinner was held at the Coral Reef display area which was pretty cool. We got to touch the starfish and see the giant octopus.

While the venue was really cool, the food was just okay. The appetizers were good but the entrees was pretty average.

I had Beef Tenderloin with mushroom sauce.

And Paul had Halibut with mango salsa

Well, at least the deserts were yummy.

Thursday was also the night we had the really bad wind storm. We lost our power at home around midnight. Thank goodness we had already taken a shower. We spent Friday night at Paul's office building as they had power and we didn't want to be in our cold house. I forgot to take photos but we had really interesting dinner - we brought over some tater tots and vege bacon -- microwaved. Not great but we were hungry. Our power came back on today. Yah!!! Hot water for shower!!!

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