Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Saturday Dinner

We usually go out to dinner on the weekend but I decided to make dinner instead. I found this interesting seasoning for pork ribs -- Honey Garlic Glaze -- so I thought I would try it out. It turned out great. I had to fry the pork ribs in about 1 tbsp of oil and then add the glaze sauce after the ribs are done. For the side dish, I decided to stir-fry some lotus roots. It's one of my favorite dish that my mom makes. A little oil, salt, red chilli pepper (it's better with fresh chilli but I forgot to buy them), soy sauce and drizzle a little sesame seed oil. Very simple but tasty side. Instead of just steam rice, I decided to add 1 tbsp of the Hainanese Chicken rice sauce that I bought from our local asian market. It comes in a glass jar. Really handy if you want something more flavor. I should do this more often. I love to cook but during a busy season, I just get too tired.

I also made herbal soup with a couple of the remaining ribs, puff tofu and mushroom. Inspired by Rae's previous posting. :)

- Mina

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