Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Crepe Brunch

In the beginning of the year my husband made a New Year's resolution to cook more. It only took him another 11 months to actually make something. In his defense, it's been a busy year. So the last few weeks he has been making Sunday brunch.
I was quite impress when he attempted to make crepes. We bought all the ingredients from Wholefoods -- Canterbury natuals Classic Crepe Mix, Cibo Naturals' soft flavored cheese (basil roasted walnut), baby spinach, mushrooms and roasted chicken.

While Paul made the crepe, I helped shred the roasted chicken we bought. I love the pre-cooked chicken as I can make several different meals with one chicken - i.e. chicken noodle soup, quisadilla, etc. Okay...back to the crepe...After the crepe is done, Paul spread the flavored cheese, added the spinach and chicken. For his first try, I thought it tasted great. It got even better after the 3rd crepe. We were amazed by how many you can make with only 1/2 the mix.

~ Mina

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